Ventos regioninis parkas



Su džiaugsmu pranešame, kad Ventos regioniniame parke savanoriauti pradėjo Europos solidarumo korpuso savanoriai - Ester iš Italijos ir Alan iš Prancūzijos. Jei norite susipažinti kviečiame juos aplankyti lankytojų centre!

O čia jie trumpai apie save!
Hey, my name is Alan, I'm 26 years old and I'm French. I'm a volunteer working in Venta Regional Park from now, and I'm going to tell you my story.

I just finished my studies in communication 1 year ago, but I wanted to discover something else after this.
I've always been fascinated by the nature and the environment, because I grew up in a small village in the campaign, so I'm used to green landscapes with animals around. I think all of this made me love animals and to walk in natural places.

Working in a natural place came to my mind, but it wasn't enough to me. I travelled in countries like USA or Australia from 15 to 18 years old, and since the beginning of my studies I had to stop, and I missed it.
Then I thought about working in a natural place but in a foreign country, to learn about the environment and to travel in the same time.

That's why I'm now in Venta. I was really attracted by the project when I saw it. It makes me travel, discover Lithuania and its people, learn about an unknown culture, see new landscapes, and mainly work in the nature and be in contact with flora and fauna. It can be a great experience and it can make me work to protect the environment in the future.

I can't wait to know more about vegetation, and to monitor insects and animals. Moreover, I would really like to see wolves, deers, owls and many others, because I know there are some in this country, that there is no in France.

Hi, I'm Ester, I'm 22 and I'm one of the two volunteers in Venta Regional Park this year.

I'm from Italy, precisely from Cremona, a small city located in the north of the country, a couple of hours from Milano. Both my sisters went abroad for a year when they were 17 so I was the only one that didn't do this type of experience and I wanted to change that.

I graduated in natural sciences on the 11th of December and I wanted to take a gap year before starting my next two years of study, so when I found this opportunity I immediately jumped on it, because I wanted to do something related to my field of study and working in a park is literally the best option I could have.

I've already worked in a park, in Italy, as part of my stage and thesis; I cooperated in a project about the monitoring of herpetofauna in Trentino sector of Stelvio National Park and it was an amazing experience that I would love to repeat.

If it isn't clear yet I love working with the environment, I've also been a scout for ten years and it's an amazing way to have more occasions to be in nature, but I have a bunch of other very random interests and hobbies too! I used to play the piano in an orchestra and sing in a band, I fenced for 4 years (I wasn't very good, but it was fun), and one year I attenend a comic course.

I like to draw, to read, I'm obsessed with pirate history, I am fascinated by occult, I love to look at Christian architectures (I really love churches) and I would like to learn how to do taxidermy. I collect bones and other animal parts (my mum isn't happy about this), sometimes I like to imbroider and other times I like to write and create fantasy worlds (drawing maps is very fun too).

I'm very excited about this experience and I'm sure it will be an amazing occasion to learn new skills and knowledge, and it will be an awesome opportunity to meet different people and different cultures. I can't wait for it!

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