Ventos regioninis parkas

Places of interest

There are many interesting visiting places in Venta territory in which a visitor can dive in the nature or learn more about the famous people of area and their work for Lithuania. Venta valley is known for its fossils sites and teh rare and important geological sites which have a great scientific value, for example the Papilė outcrop is unique in the baltic area: Papilė was established as a geological monument for that. There are also other natural heritages in Venta regional park like botanic-zoological or hydrologic reserves or picturesque trees like the Holy Pines or the Fifteen Trunk Lime Tree; the park is also the natural habitat of numbers of protected species, of plants and animals, with some luck a vistor could see them. All of this and the cultural heritage in the area make Venta regional park a unique place to visit in Lithuania.