Ventos regioninis parkas

Above Park

Venta regional Park is a protected area in north-west Lithuania. The purpose of its founding is to preserve and enhance the Venta Valley landscape, the natural ecosystem and cultural heritage, management and rational use, so as to create conditions for relaxation and cognitive tourism.

Veta Regional Park was established in 1992 and covers an area of 9834 hectares. The territory is divided in 3 municipal district: Mažeikių (3592 ha), Akmenės (6005 ha) and Šiaulių (237 ha). Inside the park there are 1 Rezervatas ( a restricted area where only staff can access it but can't work on it; it's made to preserve the natural course and its conditions), 8 reserves, which occupy the 40,9% of the territory, grouped in 16 sites of natural heritage, 2 of which have been declared natural monuments. In park's habitats have been found 699 plants species, 37 of mammals, 144 of birds, 12 of amphibians and reptiles and 780 of invertebrates. 74 of these species ( 34 plants, 6 mammals, 20 birds, 1 of amphibians or reptiles, 13 invertebrates) are included in the Red book of Lithuania ( it collects endangered species).

The park headquarters is in Venta; Ventos g.30A. The biggest settlements in the park are: Venta, Viekšnių and Papilė.